Devulner™ is a performance material developed by latest technology. Comparing to common leather, Devulner™ is more wear resistant, stronger, and more environmentally friendly.Devulner™ can also be functionally modified according to customer request. 
1.     Recycle and Controllable degradation
2.     Solvent-free technology, VOC free
3.    Soft and good hand feeling
4.     Easy to color
5.     Water proof and breathable
6.    Oil and corrosion resistant
7.     Vesicular structure inside
8.    Various surface patterns
9.     Lighter and stronger than genuine leather

Common artificial leather VS Devulner™

  Water Based PU Solvent Based PU PVC Devulner™ Type G
Peeling Strength(kfg) 2.5-3.5 3-5 1.5-2.5 5.5-7
Tearing Srength(kfg) 2-3 4-6 1-2 4.5-7
Hydrolysis Resistance
(10% Sodium Hydroxide Solution)
after 36 hours
after 48 hours
No Request Intact
after 72 hours
Abrasion Test
(taber abrasion tester 2kg)
100 turns 200 turns 100-150 turns 350-400 turns
Folding Test(-15℃) break after
15000 times
break after 
30000 times
break after 
10000 times
over 45000 times
Elongation Rate 300% 500% 200% over 800%